RAAC team made a trip with Jane Goodall Roots and Shoots program coordinator Japhet Jonas.
This project is for the primary and secondary school kids.
They most achieve small scale conservation program. In Kondoa, through art workshops, they will get to
understand how important it is to preserve the Rock Art Paintings because it is a worldwide treasure related to humankind origins. They will also learn about the natural environment.

5 primary schools and 2 secondary school in 4 villages are involved.
Program responsable is Japhet Jonas
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Epson SP 9900 arrived in Arusha office with its kid brother.

Following a visit from Mr. Michael Hunt and Mr. Shaun Robinson of Epson Europe at the end of last year, the Rock Art Conservation Center received a generous donation of two printers from the Epson Corporation to further our efforts in disseminating information about the rock art of Tanzania. Mr. Hunt and Mr. Robinson were amazed by the scenery of Tanzania and by the lifestyle of the native peoples. They were very impressed by our committed work with the rock art and community projects that we have started in the region.
After discussions with Seppo Hallavainio in early spring 2010,
Gary Wornell, a Canadian artist photographer resident in Finland and pioneer in alternative ink jet printing techniques presented the work of the Rock Art Conservation Center of Tanzania to Epson at Photokina in Munich in 2010. The project aims were to work with ink jet technologies on hand made papers using local materials in developing product to support the work of the Rock Art Conservation Center (RACC) and benefit the community as a whole. The ability to print on a variety of locally made media brings flexibility to the project by enabling the organization to respond to orders for prints on demand in a variety of sizes that can be easily created from digital originals. The unique characteristics of the paper and their ability to maintain rich color without special coatings make this project a unique and exciting initiative for the RACC.
The printers arrived after a fairly long wait…in Africa everything moves at a slower pace, there are no hurries in Africa. The printers will be used to help us promote the rock art through the sale of prints in the Arusha Masai Café Gallery which will in turn help the local communities who will receive a portion of the proceeds from each sale.
In cooperation with Sami Eskonlahti at
Suomen Interfoto Oy in Finland and the colour management company Datacolor , RACC received additional support in the form of the Spyder3Studio SR used in monitor calibration and print profiling.
IMG_0829 print1

Art Workshop with Imbafa secondary School Kids

Art And environment workshop with IMBAFA Secondary school students and Alison Wiklund



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