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Rock Art Conservation Center (RACC) IN TANZANIA
The Rock Art Conservation Center of Tanzania (RACC) located in Arusha, is a non-profit organization created to locate, preserve, protect, interpret, and promote central Tanzania’s rock paintings.
In Kondoa district, there is a World Heritage site of spectacular collection of images from over 150 shelters
over 2,336 km
2 , reflecting beliefs, rituals and cosmological traditions that are part of our collective memory.

Our goals include the advancement of scientific knowledge and public education at the local, regional, and international levels and the alleviation of poverty in communities associated with rock art sites.mappy
Seppo Hallavianio is a Finnish artist living in Tanzania for more than 10 years.
He is a master papermaker and his art pieces are made of paper with mixed media. He is giving numerous workshops on papermaking.
He is the manager of the Warm Heart Art Gallery, that is part of the Masai Cafe in city center of Arusha.

Clôde de Guise is a French Canadian. She is a freelance writer and a french teacher. She worked,during 8 years, for Greenpeace acting has a Communication Officer in her country Canada and at the international level in France on the tropical forests of DRC. She lives in Tanzania since 2 years.

We work closely with community people in Arusha and Kondoa district.

WHAT - Warm Heart Art Tanzania
WHAT’S WHAT? WARM HEART ART TANZANIA (WHAT) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Tanzania.
WHAT is the heart and inspiration of the Art Gallery at Masai Cafe in Arusha.

We promote local and international artists work offering them an working and gallery space.
We encourage innovative art expression.
We give art workshops, especially papermaking in its numerous ways.
We offer also artists and volunteer workers residency.

The gallery space is shared with the Rock Art information Center.
This Center is about the Rock Art paintings in Kondoa
Community projects and we are affiliated to the
Jane Goodall Institue program for school kids: Roots & Shoots

No more do we bushman hunt in these hills…. the fire is cold. Our songs are quiet. But listen carefully…. you will hear us in the water. Look carefully… you will see us in the rock
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Tribute to John Cavallo

Once you met John Cavallo you could not forget him.
He was a writer, artist, art director, archaeologist but mainly he was a passionate character.
Our friendship lasted 14 months before he died on Christmas day of 2009. I did not know at that time that is infinite passion for the Kondoa rock paintings would be part of is legacy to me. Now, I feel totally involved in the conservation of this vanishing art, testimony of humankind origins.
Our partnership was exclusive, he was the scientist and I was the artist. We spend a whole lot of time in the Kondoa shelters, John explaining to me the shamanic world of the Sandawe people.

Now, I am trying to share this legacy with who ever is attract by these paintings and can get in touch with the magic experience of a world when human and wild animals understood each other.

Seppo Hallavainio
Rock Art Conservation Center

I met Seppo in Arusha at the Tribute for John Cavalo, early 2010. I got to know that he was organizing safari to the Kondoa rock paintings. It took us more than one year before we could there together. Wow ! these paintings were so inspiring in the silence of the shelters. A secret world was there to be revealed.
Today, I am working with Seppo on the Rock Art Paintings struggling so that they not disappear from our collective memory. Also, we are getting the surrounding villages involved in the comprehension of this treasure and we help them to alleviate poverty.
All this happening because of John Cavallo that I never meet but is spirit is our daily work.

Clôde de Guise
Rock Art Conservation Centre

No more do we bushmen hunt in these hills. The fire is cold. Our songs are quiet. But listen carefully. You will hear us in the water. Look carefully. You will see us in the rock."


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Collectively, Tanzania’s rock paintings hold tremendous opportunity and potential for decoding the creations of world’s oldest spiritual practitioners and artists who created the images. Doing so, will also help to reveal the shamanic roots of modern religions
John Cavallo